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Published on January 15th, 2011 | by Heather


50 Seconds With 50 Cent

Af­ter spend­ing some qual­i­ty face time with many com­pa­nies at CES 2011 in Ve­gas this year, it was on­ly nat­u­ral to want to meet a celebri­ty whose port­fo­lio in­cludes not on­ly a movie based on his life (Get Rich or Die Tryin’), but al­so nu­mer­ous hits and pair­ings with the likes of Lil’ Kim and a part in the rap group G-Unit. Lloyd Banks any­one? Though many can ar­gue that rap fo­cus­es pri­mar­i­ly on crush­ing wom­an with fists and mov­ing us back­wards in­to a 1960′s time trav­el as well as ghats and Bent­leys, we still say, long live rap, and 50.

I de­cid­ed to wait in a dila­to­ry line to meet one of my idols and the new part­ner to a com­pa­ny we have re­viewed in the past, Sleek Au­dio De­signs. The mag­ic hap­pened at the Sleek Au­dio booth where 50 cent held a press con­fer­ence an­nounc­ing his role in the com­pa­ny and his new hy­brid head­phones ru­mored to be in the $350-$400 range.

As I wait­ed in line and made friends with a cou­ple guys in front of me, I al­so moved a plas­tic chair down the line with me as stand­ing for an ex­bori­tant amount of time, say two hours, was akin to walk­ing across red hot coals.

Let me tell you what you want to know; what 50 looked like, what he act­ed like. He looked like a suave busi­ness­man en route from his lat­est share­hold­er’s meet­ing. He was dressed (hand­some­ly) in a suit and tie, spec­ta­cles, and is quite big though his body­guard(s) are even more colos­sal (I know be­cause one al­most bowled over me at LAX a cou­ple years ago). There was no gangs­ta in this room un­less it was the pre­mi­um head­phones be­ing tout­ed. 50′s voice is rich and em­bod­ies a sex sym­bol just yearn­ing for y’all to no­tice.

When it was my chance to meet him, I sud­den­ly faint­ed and he caught me just as I was about to hit the floor (okay, okay, not re­al­i­ty, fan­ta­sy). When it was fi­nal­ly my turn to step up in­to the blind­ing flash­bulbs and meet my icon, he was as dash­ing and spoke just as sweet as when he raps about “lov­ing you more than a fat kid love cake”.

I shook his hand, couldn’t think of any­thing clever to say ex­cept I want to kiss you right now and he point blank asked me “Why don’t you?”. So I did it. I kissed 50. No, it wasn’t a full-on make out ses­sion in front of ev­ery ma­jor me­dia out­let, it was a kiss on the cheek. As I walked away, one of his en­tourage made a joke “ooooohhh, you mar­ried, what’s your hus­band go­ing to say?” Luck­i­ly for me, he shares my love of this man and I can re­as­sured­ly say he is go­ing to make a com­ment about how pimp it was.

Stay tuned for when we do re­view of the 50 cent Plat­inum Head­phones by Sleek Au­dio in the near fu­ture.


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