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Brave: For Every Strong Minded Woman

I love movies as much as the next person, and recently I have started dating someone in the movie making business; so, my appreciation has only increased. To his dismay, I am much more into animated films than real people. He seems to be much more interested in the inverse, since he spends his time lighting real people. Never the less, I was shocked to learn that he had not seen many of the films from the grand masters of animation: Pixar!

So, I happily grabbed the five disk Ultimate Collector’s Edition 3-D Blu-Ray of Brave and went over his house to watch it with his 3-D Blu-Ray player and fancy projector. The first thing I quickly learned was that the DVD does not come with 3-D glasses and he didn’t have any. So, we just watched the regular Blu-Ray version. Colors popped, and like all Pixar, it was still beautiful and crisp.

Brave very cute but a little predictable. I did not find it as creative and inventive as all most other Pixar films, bringing back the worry that Disney may have diluted Pixar’s unique vision. The story is a heart warming tale of finding middle ground between mother and daughter, with just a few curve balls: unwanted marriage proposals, three very mischievous brothers, bears, and the usual villainous witch. If you haven’t seen it, this is the edition to get, to watch with family or friends.

The five disk Ultimate Collector’s Edition DVD comes with Blu-Ray, Blu-Ray 3D, DVD, and a digital copy. Plus there are games, alternate openings, commentary, galleries and plenty of extra features. Over all, I think for the $30 price tag the five disk Brave DVD set is the perfect holiday present for any strong minded girl, young or old- or a nice addition for your own personal collection.

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